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Lesley's Tools

Energy Healing Through energy healing, Lesley gently directs Light energy into your body to vibrationally shift energy that has become stuck. Examples of stuck energy include memories or old injuries to the physical body, as well as the spiritual body. Loosening this energy allows it to become known so you can feel it and finally let it go. A man who was abused physically as a boy, for example, may continue to experience pain in that area that fails to respond to traditional treatments. Once he discovers the origin of the pain through energy healing, he may be able to move into recovery.
Intuitive Information Retrieval
Through intuitive information retrieval, Lesley gathers the universal input you need to understand fully what is holding you in your current place. This information helps you move ahead with your life. Lesley’s help in identifying the key blocks to change is invaluable in achieving the desired transition.
Guided Imagery Through guided imagery, Lesley takes you on a journey to your inner recesses, where you can explore those parts of yourself that strongly influence your feelings and thought processes — parts of which you may not have been aware. For example, a woman who has difficulty sharing others’ pain may discover that she first felt overwhelmed by the pain of others in her family during her childhood. Understanding this origin frees her to feel more compassion for others.
Putting It All Together There might be many types of mechanisms you have put into place to help you keep from opening a door to a block. These mechanisms were put into place at different ages, so those inner children are not necessarily willing to let you tell them it's OK now to work with that block. Lesley works with you to go through a back door into your consciousness to discover the root of your block. The back door doesn't have these blocking mechanisms. The combination of healing energy, intuitive information retrieval and guided imagery works to bring those blocks into your awareness so that you can clear them. [back]

Who Can Benefit From this Work?

Those wishing to make changes.

Clients standing at a crossroad in their lives have found Lesley’s tools useful for facilitating the shift in their perspective needed to embrace their changing world.
Those wishing to address issues of emotional health. Lesley’s ability to help clients dissolve or bypass the usual blocks to their feelings and their memories allows emotional pain to be transcended and replaced with positive images and energy.
Those wishing to address issues of physical health. Clients wishing to address the origins of chronic pain or current illnesses have found the awareness needed to better understand and sometimes gradually shift their condition.
Those struggling to pass on. Terminally ill clients have been helped by Lesley to find the peace they need to let go. [back]


Lesley's Work With Survivors

Lesley has worked extensively with Childhood Sexual Abuse survivors. She has written an article based upon those experiences. This article discusses the effect of abuse on the Chakra system and provides some tools for healing. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the article:

Childhood Sexual Abuse And The Chakra System



How Phone Sessions Work

Lesley has phone clients all over the country. Phone clients have told her that they can feel the energy. The only difference between an office visit and a phone session is that there is more guided imagery during a phone session. She still talks you through bringing healing energy through you to help dislodge blocks just as she does in an office visit. During an office visit, she doesn't use a physical connection. That limits the spectrum of energy waiting to come through her. She directs that spectrum of energy to you, regardless of your location. And the guided imagery would be the same, whether you are in her office or over the phone. [back]


Sessions: Half-Hour Session: $40.00 One-Hour Session: $60.00

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